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This page was last updated: November 27, 2013
                    Jahna Erica Steele

09/29/58 ~ 01/24/08
Into Paradise, may the Angels lead you...

To All of my friends:
I hope my site brings you enjoyment and that you leave with a message of hope, support and the strength to be who you are-heart and soul.
Our road in life can be filled with pain, fear and constant attacks at one’s self esteem. When people are cruel it hurts. When we are rejected- we are wounded. But we all possess an ability to fight for acceptance.
For some of us it is easier than others. I admire the courage when you can stand up and live your life as you know it must be lived to be complete.
I was fortunate to have a life I never dreamed of. Unfortunately, the media was a bit unkind at a highpoint in my life and it has taken me several years to realize this was a gift. I am proud to be a woman, I am proud to be transgendered and I pray you all feel this same pride. And if you don't I'll feel it for you until it comes to you!
With much love

Jahna Steele passed away on January 24, 2008. She leaves behind loving friends and family. Through this site she will be remembered forever.